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3685RE: [bmw e28] Wheel issues?

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  • john Gieringer
    Jun 15, 2005
      It could be unbalanced, out of round tire, or a slightly bent wheel. Try
      rotating front to rear and see if the shudder disappears. If it does, then
      swap left front and rear, then right front and rear to find the culprit!
      It's a little work but worth it to find the problem.

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      Subject: [bmw e28] Wheel issues?

      I recently picked up a set of 16" Borbet Style H wheels with Kumho tyres.
      Since fitting them, I get a shudder in the steering wheel somewhere around
      60mph. If I get up to 80 or 90 it lessens significantly. Under 40 is fine.
      When I bought the wheels, the dealership said that I needed hubcentric rings
      with these wheels. When I went to pick the wheels up, they said they were
      out of hubcentric rings (which they agreed to include gratis) and that their
      mechanic said the rings weren't necessary. He left a phone number with me
      saying to call if anything unusual happened. Well, at around 60mph, the
      travel at the top of the steering wheel is about an inch, so I called him,
      left messages, no response.
      Is the problem I'm having likely a result of not having the rings, or could
      my wheels just be unbalanced?

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