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3689Re: [bmw e28] Re: 3-series wheels

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  • Craig Newman
    Jun 16, 2005
      >As far as I am aware 3 series wheels (any model) do not fit the
      I'm certain you can use them with spacers, but lests no go down
      that route. Just say NO!

      >I was advised by BMW specialists that wheels from an E34 five
      >series and E24 six series cars do fit. I do not believe wheels
      >from a E39 will fit either.
      Also some of the 7 series wheels will fit.

      >In the end I purchased a full new set of metrics. The metric
      >alloys on the E28 just look better than the cross spoke design.
      Ohh - contraversial! Well subjective anyway.
      I quite like the original E28 wheels but I wouldn't pay 130 quid
      per tyre for any vehicle! It's made worse when you realise that
      the metric tyres available are less effective and cause more
      road noise than modern rubber.
      Shop on eBay: I bought a near immaculate set of '95 7 series
      wheels for not very much money and had tyres fitted, my 528i is
      currently shod with 225/50/16s. Total cost was less than buying
      2 metric tyres.

      I also bought some very cheap imperial wheels for my 520i with
      tyres also from eBay and that's running 215/45/17 on the rear
      and 205/50/17 on the front the entire package was less than 150
      quid including shipping.


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