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3698Re: [bmw e28] leaky trunk

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  • garageboydotcom
    Jun 20, 2005
      Hi all.

      This may be useful information:

      In addition to the sunroof drains and the trunk seal that others have
      mentioned, I believe there is a third potential culprit... the
      taillight seals. My experience has been that over the years, these
      seals (which cost no more than ten quid apiece) get thinner and dry
      out, leaving small openings that due to the aerodynamics of the E28,
      allow water to enter the trunk through these openings. They're quite
      easy to replace.

      Hope this helps,
      2001 525i, 52K miles
      1987 528e, 233K miles
      1983 528e, 317K miles
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