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3710Re: [bmw e28] Distributor Rotor converter

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  • agentmidnight
    Jun 29, 2005
      Recently I was doing a tune up on one of my BMWS a 1984 325e(same engine
      by the way as my 528e ;-) )

      All was going perfectly smooth until three little hex bolts on the rotor of
      the distributor were extremely over tightened. I was able to get two off
      after over an hour with someone else's help uses special tools. However
      after I got the old rotor off we notice one bolt was shorter then the other
      :-( , it turns out the bolt I thought I got off actually broke off half way
      inside threading leaving nothing to grab to remove it.

      Any ideas how to prevent this from happening again, any special tools Etc.
      What does every one use to remove these bolts normally Etc.?(I also have a
      Robert Bentley repair manual for each car and it just says " remove the
      rotor " )

      So I was told I could remove the radiator, fan Etc. and drill the old bolt
      out Etc. but I do not have a proper setup for such a project so I had to tow
      it to the mechanic :-( .
      Its been there several days and he is saying he had to order some special
      part called a " rotor adapter " I personally have never hears of such a
      thing. I checked with a huge BMW only parts company www.bavauto.com and
      they never heard of that part he they sell every thing BMW.
      Well I found out what it is BUT how it works exactly is only a guess.
      Does any one know what or how this adapter work, how it makes the rotor work
      when a bolt is broke in the threading?

      I tried talking to the mechanic but he got very defensive and rude, as if I
      hurt the car and was "mean to it". He tried to say it was not from the
      prior person over tightening it but because of something I did and blames it
      all on me. Hes like all mad and complaining that its my fault and now he
      has to do what it takes to fix it. I was ready to tell him off but kept my
      cool as I need the car back in one piece(grin).
      The guy is always trying to save us money by not doing stuff the car needs.
      Last month we said the car is hard to start should you do a tune up, how was
      it for you running? "oh it was fine for me, don't worry about it".
      His thought is nice but some times he needs to just focus on fixing what's
      broken and let me pay him so he can make money for his family. What a new
      concept(GRIN) just joking.
      Thanks for hearing me out,
      P.s. This guy is a dedicated private BMW/MINI repair shop.
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