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3713Re: [bmw e28] Distributor Rotor converter

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  • chris insalaco
    Jun 29, 2005

      The only rotor adaptor I can think they would mean is the piece the rotor bolts to on the front of the camshaft. It can be removed from the camshaft by taking off the bolt in the center (after the rotor is off) This bolt is secured at about 75 ft/lbs, but don't quote me. On my friends 87 528e it was an E12 bolt head, which is like a torx but a socket or "female" tool. My 83 528e could be an allen but I forget. I recall it being conventional right hand thread.

      Removing the adaptor will make it easier to drill or if that fails, replace it.

      Chris 83 528e 82 528e

      p.s. the 81 635csi has a push on rotor. I wonder if the M20 ever had that.

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