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3771Auxilliary Fan low speed resistor option

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  • calmloki
    Jul 23, 2005
      The low speed resistor on the 318i was dead and after looking at
      options ($20-$30+) I called the local electronics store. They sold me
      a .62 ohm 25 watt ceramic resistor. It is very close to the same size
      as the original Bosch. Two cable ties attached it to the dead resistor
      and the new leads are just barely long enough to be trapped under the
      contact screws on the old resistor. Seems to work ok, longevity is
      unknown, cost: $1 (one). Seemed worth the trial. Part #25WD62,
      flameproof resistor by NTE Electronics. Hope this lasts a good while
      and helps someone else.

      Tom (thiirrifty)