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3772clutch replace

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  • rufus d'bauchee
    Jul 23, 2005
      I'm in the middle of replaceing the clutch on a 1984 528e.
      it just plain sucks.
      the top bolts (E16 reverse torx) are IMPOSSIBLE.
      One of the 2 bolts THRU bolting the starter to the engine and tranny required me to buy a 17mm flare nut wrench and grind it down to fit on the damn thing.
      I will make a full post when I'm done and give out any insght I picked up (and there is ALOT).
      I'm down to the last 1 E16 torx at the very top, and I decided to buy an additional socket (which meant a 9pc. set) and welding a wrench to the side of it at an angle to reach it from the top, after removing all the heater hoses and vacuum hoses to access it.
      WHAT A BEAR!!!!

      just needed to vent a bit.

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