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3779Re: [bmw e28] Re: Urgent temp problem

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  • Ron Kall
    Jul 26, 2005
      SI board problems causes the guages to go whacko.
      Replace the board or live with the problem. Your
      car temperature does not fluctuate like that.

      --- Guy DiCesare <guydicesare2000@...> wrote:

      > Hi everyone. Have a 1988 535is. Temp guage is REALLY
      > erratic. USUALLY runs normal temp RANGE (about in
      > the middle) without A/C on, but needle wavers in time
      > with turn signals, hazards, other electric stuff and
      > occasionally runs toward redline on temp guage.. When
      > A/C is ON, needle goes right up to redline within
      > seconds during acceleration BUT comes back to normal
      > range when I hit the brakes HARD to stop. If I just
      > touch the brakes, it stays near the red line. I'm
      > blowing A/C fuses (3 in one day). It's really wierd. I
      > can't check temp with a temp gun because by the time I
      > brake to pop the hood, the guage goes back down. If it
      > wasn't relaated to the AC compressor running, I'd say
      > definitely a grounding issue BUT..... anyway, please
      > help. I'm in Lake Tahoe, CA, USA and don't know of
      > anyone around here who REALLY knows these cars.
      > Thanks, everyone. Guy D
      > > Does any one no where i can hold on some clear front
      > > indicators from
      > > in the uk?
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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