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3842Re: [bmw e28] driveline vibration

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  • tim hardin
    Sep 4, 2005
      i think the cat and the violent shudder are unrelated....the shudder could be a number of things.
      first check the inside of rims for mud or other off balance stuff. then have the rims and tires balanced on a hunter ground force machine...put the best tires after balancing put on the front.
      rom there i would have the thrust arms looked at and if toasted replace with upgrade one available on the aftermarket( not a dealer part) if thrust and control arms are good have calipers checked for seizing, and bearings looked at...my e28 m5 had several strange symptom that were cured by rebuidling the calipers. the hunter ground force machines are a miracle, they acaully read the vibations using simulated ground pressure. i chase medium to fine intensity vibration in my car for two years and then solve it with this machine....
      best of luck,
      e28 m5

      atmimp <atmimp@...> wrote:
      Does any one no whats wrong with my car! (i don't!)

      1986 520i with rear disks but not ABS.

      When setting off from standing, the cat 'shuders' slightly but is
      otherwise fine up untill 45mph when the whole car starts to shake
      quite violently untill you get upto 60mph when everthing settles down
      again & only comes back when braking (at 60mph-45mph).

      I've taken the heat shield above the exhaust off and checked the
      prop' but can't sea anything wrong!

      Please help.

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