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3850Re: Auxiliary air valve and idle speed

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  • mageidt
    Sep 7, 2005

      It could be a temperature sensor that is giving you this trouble
      their input signal is vital to have the electronic engine controller
      give the right signals to this valve, so I suggest check all
      temperature sensors make sure they are functioning normal.

      Reg. Mike

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Arny K." <arny@p...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I'm confused by the functioning of the auxiliary air valve on my
      528i. AFAIK, my previous valve did not function at all, so we have
      replaced it with another. However, it still doesn't work as I'd
      expect - from what I know, both carburetted engines with choke and
      motronic controlled engines work with higher idle speed when cold,
      but this is not the case with my engine. It works on the same or
      more often lower RPM when cold.
      > I've checked how much the valve is open, and found out that it is
      barely cracked open. The environmental temperature is still high
      though, but I'd still expect it to open more when the engine is cold.
      > Could someone give me some advice about how much should the valve
      be open, and should the idle be higher when cold and if so, by how
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