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3851drivetrain vibration - Continued.

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  • atmimp
    Sep 7, 2005
      Hi guys,

      Spent the last two nights looking over the car to try and find
      where this "shuddering" ( betwean 45mph & 60mph) was coming from,
      And still couldn't find anything wrong with the car!

      I then had a brain-wave to chock the front wheels and raise
      the back of the car in the air and run the car in 'Drive'.

      Suddenly it all became clear, BENT WHEELS!!! Not just one, but
      all 4!
      Talk about bad luck.

      Im now going to change my tie rod ends because of all the
      extra stress thay've had to take when slowing the car down. (you
      could actually here the brake pads rattlling in the calipers)

      Has anyone got any ideas on what elcse might want replacing just
      to be safe?

      Thank all for your help,
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