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3879Re: [bmw e28] upgrade & spares for e28 m535i 85.

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  • tim hardin
    Sep 22, 2005
      the most common issue i am having with circiuts is the connection quality in the fuse box. the circiuts get hot and lose their conection regardless of component condition. cleaning the tenminal connects and tweaking the tabs to get a good snug connection combined with good quality fuses will help. pay attention to the shape of the bulletends , the more pointed the better. if the plastic at the base of the terminal ends is starting to deform due to heat( looks abit melted) it is time to bypass the terminal and install a extennal fuse ( or circiut breaker for thourghly diagnosed circuit that is problematic.) my ac aux fan has been treated to this solution with no further issues. the breaker shuts off before heat damage and automaticly kicks back on once cooled sufficaintly.
      bepassing is simply done by flipping over the fuse box snipping the isse lines and exstending them and routing them through two holes that you will carefully drill in the base of the box. use heat shrink connectors.
      good luck. photo on request.
      e28 m5

      william ripley <bilripley@...> wrote:
      hey there guys

      having a little electrical problem with my 87 535i

      the circut that has the dashboard light, lighter ect
      keeps blowing. the only thing i noticed before this
      was the dial switch that controlls the light levels
      for the dash was a little wonky. also the radio is on
      , but does not play ( no sound ). does anyone know if
      the lighter circut has anything to do with the amp ( i
      did check the fuse in the amp and it seems fine )


      Bill Ripley


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