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3884Could you help a fellow BMW owner!!! Please!!!

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  • James Greenlaw
    Sep 28, 2005
      HI everyone,

      Im a student from Brighton doing a course in Marketing. I would like a little help from as many of you as possible as fellow BMW owners as we are the only ones who evr give way to each other or even seem to care about our cars.

      I have a 318is L reg and as a typical saddoo I have put the M3 evo kit on it and some 18s, Ive added a couple of pics as an attachment but not sure if they will work.

      The favour that I am asking is to simply take 2-3 minutes (thats all, I swear) to fill out an online survey for my dissertation.

      Its not a dodgy site or one of those fishing things, simply an online survey page.

      Its all about customer loyalty and food shopping whihc we all do from time to time.

      All I am asking is for a little help. the link is


      As you can see its genuine, Brighton is my University, websurveyor is just the programme and my name is James Greenlaw and the survey is about customer loyalty.

      I hope as many as you as are willing complete it, sorry if Ive annoyed anyone by joining the group.

      Thankyou very much and if you see me, then please let me out!!!

      Take care and thanks

      James Greenlaw

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