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3901Clutch work tips

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  • Larry R.
    Oct 4, 2005
      I've done many clutches in my life, although none on a
      BMW yet.

      Along with the seals you need to replace while the
      transmission is removed, the note about mounts should
      also apply to the engine mounts. I don't know the
      life pan for them but since you will be under the car
      anyway, with all the tools, I'd suggest looking them
      over just to be sure.

      Inspect your universal joints also. They can be a
      cause for sudden failure and replacing them while the
      drive shafts are removed is half the job anyway. If
      there is play in them or in the ends, that has been an
      issue on other cars and when you think of the torque
      they endure, they should be looked over.

      When it comes to reassembling a clutch, I'm not sure
      about the BMW, but in the states for domestic cars,
      they sell this little plastic tool called a spline
      alingment tool. It makes it almost bulletproof and
      saves untold hours of labor to get the transmission
      spline line up done properly. I wasted an entire day
      my first time to repair a clutch 25 years ago trying
      to line everything up. Once I learned of that tool, I
      was able to complete a clutch job on a Pontiac
      Firebird for a college roommate in about 2.5 hours
      total time. BIG help. Not sure if they hae or need
      them, but anyone who has done this job can suggest
      other time saviing tips like that.

      have fun! Drive safe.

      > Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 07:22:11 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Guy DiCesare <guydicesare2000@...>
      > Subject: funny noise of the moment
      > Hi everyone. Have had a problem with a shrieking
      > noise
      > when coming off the clutch from stop into first
      > gear.
      > Only happens when I'm starting off. Was told this
      > could be the throwout bearing. Yesterday, car (88
      > 535is) started with squealing at idle which can be
      > made worse by partially depressing the clutch.
      > Clutch
      > feels very strong, however. First: is this condition
      > something I can drive on for a while or am I risking
      > sudden failure. Also, if it is time for the clutch,
      > can you recommend other things that should be done
      > as
      > long as the clutch is being done (I understand
      > there's
      > a lot of work involved just accessing this clutch)?
      > Thanks for your help-Guy

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