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3905Brake warning light?

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  • garygeorge3
    Oct 7, 2005
      Hi guys,

      I have an '84 528i, recently the brake warning light has appeared. It's the symbol next to
      the park/handbrake warning light.
      According to the owners manual it suggests a problem with the split circuit system,
      hinting at a malfunction with either the braking or power steering systems.
      When driving after a few miles the light appears, if you turn the steering wheel or brake, it
      disappears, basically it is only on when driven in a straight line not braking.
      When I brake the pedal travels the first inch, nothing happens then all the brakes suddenly
      bite! this is a little disconcerting, as I fear death is never far away!
      Other than suggesting I drive in a straight line and not brake! Can anyone point me in the
      direction to start looking?

      Many thanks for reading this, Gary
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