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391387 528e won't start

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  • y2jmk222
    Oct 12, 2005
      I recently bought a non-running '87 528e. The ignition switch is non-
      functioning (at least to try starting the car, but seems to be ok in
      the "on" position), so I jumpered directly to the starter soleniod to
      turn the car over. The fuel pump does pressurize the line, and I have
      spark (the car will start on starting fluid), but the injectors are
      not doing anything. My question is this: does the car time the
      injectors the same way that it does the ignition, or does it use a
      different sensor. I think I can see two reference mark sensors (look
      identical to my Porsche 944's) so I am thinking one may be bad if one
      is for spark and the other for injection. Let me know if I am correct
      in my assumption or if I am way off base here.
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