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3928Re: [bmw e28] Brake Accumulator

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  • David Rodriguez
    Oct 17, 2005
      I've changed one out. It's not too difficult. It is
      located (as you stand in front of the car facing
      towards it) just in front of the steering wheel (on
      the engine side under the hood. It is at the top.
      You can't see the bomb (brake accumlator) that easily
      but if you look carefully, you'll see it just below.
      I can't remember the wrench sizes, so you'll have to
      check it out. Check out the article linked below. It
      was easier to repair than I thought it would be. I
      had to purchase a new bomb and I just took the whole
      bomb/power flow regulator in with me and they pulled
      the bomb off and replaced. It saved me alot of money.


      --- garygeorge3 <garygeorge3@...> wrote:

      > Hi guys,
      > Earlier this month I posted a question regarding the
      > brake warning light on my e28. The
      > advice was to replace the brake accumulator, I have
      > managed to track one down in the
      > UK....not easy!
      > My question is this, has anyone changed one of these
      > and if so, can you advise me how to
      > please?
      > If any guys in the UK are interested I can highly
      > recommend KMS, very helpful and good
      > stock of BMW/Mercedes parts: www.kmsparts.com
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Gary.

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