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3948Re: Brake Accumulator

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  • Robert Allan
    Oct 30, 2005

      Actually i just replaced mine a couple of months ago first thing you
      want to do is get a big seringe or similar pump device and get all
      the hydraulic oil out of the power steering reservior (you will have
      to pull the circlip off the top of the bolt in the centre and remove
      the screen), then you need a set of flare wrenches to remove all the
      fittings from the regulator (the black thing that the brake bomb is
      screwed into) now removing the fittings is probably going to be the
      most difficult part of the job cos they may be pretty stiff and the
      regulator tends to move around a bit since its mounting bracket is a
      bit flimsy.
      anyway once you get the fittings off (i think there are 4 or 5) un
      bolt the regulator and bomb from the mounting bracket, put the
      regulator in the jaws of a vice now you unscrew the bomb, i used a 2
      foot stillson wrench (aka monkey wrench) to get it off i tried about
      100 times with a band oil filter wrench but no joy.
      anyway once you get that off its time to put the o-ring on the new
      bomb(accumulator) and screw the new one into the regulator, then put
      your fittings back on the regulator and bolt the regulator back into
      its bracket. Now you have to put some dextron in the powersteering
      reservior and raise the front wheels, turn the wheel a few times
      pumping the brake as you go until you don't see anymore bubbles in
      power steering reservior, then lower the car and do the same thing
      again. and DON'T put more power steering fluid than 1 cm below the
      top of the reservior.

      hope this helps

      --- In bmwe28@..., Frances Camara <babybima@y...>
      > Hay,
      > sorry can't help you with this but goodkuck with it.
      > takecare
      > chao
      > garygeorge3 <garygeorge3@y...> wrote:
      > Hi guys,
      > Earlier this month I posted a question regarding the brake warning
      light on my e28. The
      > advice was to replace the brake accumulator, I have managed to
      track one down in the
      > UK....not easy!
      > My question is this, has anyone changed one of these and if so,
      can you advise me how to
      > please?
      > If any guys in the UK are interested I can highly recommend KMS,
      very helpful and good
      > stock of BMW/Mercedes parts: www.kmsparts.com
      > Thanks in advance,
      > Gary.
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