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3952RE: [bmw e28] Bavarian autos performance chips

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  • Bob Sutterfield
    Oct 31, 2005
      martin walker wrote:
      > Can anyone tell me if they have bought and installed
      > any of these and really seen significant benefits.If
      > so what were they?
      > Any performance benefits to recommend in general.

      The chip sold by http://bavauto.com is from some other tuner, with BavAuto's
      label. It likely performs as advertised. In the US market, the two major
      reputable chipmakers are Jim Conforti (sold by <http://sharked.com> and
      <http://turnermotorsport.com>) and Mark D'Sylva <http://dsylva-tech.ca>. I
      have been delighted with the results of JC chips on three BMWs so far,
      including my 535iS.

      Whatever you do, avoid an "eBay chip". If it was made by a reputable tuner,
      it's a pirated ripoff copy and a violation of the tuner's intellectual
      property rights. If it wasn't made by a reputable tuner, you have no way to
      know it won't grenade your engine.

      > I have new exhaust system & just putting K&N
      > air flow induction kit on.

      These change the sound of your car but they won't add any horsepower to an
      engine with the stock head. Some aftermarket exhaust systems weigh less
      than stock, so the benefit is there's less mass to accelerate. It's cheaper
      to go on a diet. Be careful with K&N oiled gauze filters: They pass more
      particulates (thus permitting more engine damage) through their entire life
      cycle, and they flow less air when they're dirty.
      Bob Sutterfield
      '88 E28 535iS lachssilber-met (ex)
      '86 E30 325e bronzitbeige-met
      '91 E30 318iS alpinweiß
      '83 E21 320i opalgrün-met (RIP, parting out)
      '93 T4 EV MV Weekender Arktisches Weiß
      BMWCCA #169277 GGC/RMC
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