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3959My Brakes are going to break me!

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  • garygeorge3
    1 Nov 08:18
      Hi guys,
      Last month I wrote about my Braking problems, the general advice was to replace the
      I have replaced the accumulator, the regulator and switches, the braking system was then
      bled through.
      I still have a hard pedal and the pressure warning light blinks at me when I touch the
      If I remove the top from the power steering reservior and pump the brakes the fluid level
      does not drop, therefore I have very little hydraulic pressure.
      Because I used a cheaper pattern part for the accumulator, I have been advised to replace
      this again with a genuine BMW item, all other bits are geniune BMW parts.
      Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions, the pedal still feels like it's the accumulator,
      going hard, a delay for a second and then brake pressure is available.
      Please let me know if you have any thoughts and thank you all for your help so far,