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3973Different seats for a 1986 528e E28

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  • Mark Estrada
    6 Nov 13:48
      Hello everyone! I have just purchased a 1986 528e and I am in love with the car. I have always wanted a BMW and this is my first one. I use it to get back a forth from school. Anyway I have been searching for some aftermarket parts to upgrade the look a little bit. Like different bumpers, white face gauges and such. But I am having a bit of a hard time finding some of those parts.

      I am wondering if there are other BMW parts that are interchangable with my 528e. For example, can I bolt on M5 seats, bumpers, and other interior parts of the same year (or any other bimmer for that matter). I am also looking for ground effects and can't seem to find anything for my year. Alot of parts are for the E30.

      I would really like to get it looking sharp, I just can seem to find those parts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Mark Estrada
      BMW NUT

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