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3976Re: Different seats for a 1986 528e E28

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  • Robert Allan
    Nov 7, 2005
      Glad to hear that you are enjoying your e28 i have an '82 528i and
      it was the best 2500 AUD i ever spent. I have don't a bit of
      searching around for wheels. It is a bit of a bastard to find cheap
      ones that are 16" and aren't the metric sort TRX. If you want good
      looking wheels i'd say hang out for some 16" BBS M5 mags from the
      e28. Are you based in the UK or the US, I am in australia its hard
      to find good wheels but i have noticed looking at www.ebay.de
      (warning its in german look for tiele section and look for felgen
      (wheels tyres etc.)) pretty much all the german sellers can speak
      english anyway) that there is shiteloads of cheap stuff for e28s and
      e34s in europe and don't get me started about the massive amount of
      parts available in the US.


      --- In bmwe28@..., Mark Estrada <ldsports808@y...>
      > Hello everyone! I have just purchased a 1986 528e and I am in love
      with the car. I have always wanted a BMW and this is my first one. I
      use it to get back a forth from school. Anyway I have been searching
      for some aftermarket parts to upgrade the look a little bit. Like
      different bumpers, white face gauges and such. But I am having a bit
      of a hard time finding some of those parts.
      > I am wondering if there are other BMW parts that are
      interchangable with my 528e. For example, can I bolt on M5 seats,
      bumpers, and other interior parts of the same year (or any other
      bimmer for that matter). I am also looking for ground effects and
      can't seem to find anything for my year. Alot of parts are for the
      > I would really like to get it looking sharp, I just can seem to
      find those parts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks
      > Mark Estrada
      > BMW NUT
      > ---------------------------------
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