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3992Re: 535is over heating problem

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  • Robert Allan
    10 Nov 13:46
      sounds like a circulation problem, drain the tank and see what the
      coolant looks like, make sure it isn't too dirty if it is, you may
      have to get your system flushed. also make sure there is no oil in
      the coolant and coolant in the oil. avoid driving it until you know
      you've sorted the problem out. if the head warps cracks etc. you are
      in a world of pain, and overheating the engine will increase the
      risk of that happening

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Samuel Cochran" <scochran426@h...>
      > My 535is is over heating. When this happens all of the coolant
      spits out of
      > the expansion tank and I'm left with a car thats getting way too
      hot. I have
      > replaced the Thermostat cause I thought that was the problem, but
      > replacing that, it did the same thing. I also thought it could
      have been
      > that there was air in the system but even when I think I have let
      all of the
      > air out of the bleeder valve, it still happens. Could it be that I
      am not
      > getting all of the air out? Does anyone have further suggestions
      as to how I
      > can fix this problem.
      > Thanks for any help you can give...
      > Sam
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