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3996Re: [bmw e28] Re: 535is A NEW over heating problem

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  • Guy DiCesare
    12 Nov 16:55
      Hi guys. My 88 535is temp gauge reads overload only
      when going up steep hills. Granted, it's under stress
      but the weird thing is that it IMMEDIATELY returns to
      normal when I start going downhill. If it were really
      hot (versus gauge malfunction) wouldn't it take more
      than 60 seconds to cool down? I've tried parking it
      nose up and bleeding it but no air comes out.Coolant
      mix is good, radiator is new, ditto hoses, thermostat
      and temp sender. When this acts up the temp gauge
      appears to be influenced by using signals, flashers,
      A/C etc ("influenced" means the needle goes up and
      down a millimeter or two in time with the signal or
      flasher). Now. I've been told the batteries in the
      cluster do wear out-and I've seen rebuilt ones on Ebay
      for $300 plus. Seems excessive for a battery change.
      Any thoughts would be appreciated. Don't want to blow
      the old girl up after all this work. Thanks Guy
      greg_collen <greg_collen@...> wrote:

      > you need to check several things. it may not be the
      > coolant. check
      > the v belt, you checked the thermostat, auxillary
      > fan may not be
      > working. You need a bentley manual. If your trouble
      > shooting you
      > don't need to have coolant in it.(not for driving
      > just testing while
      > the car is sitting) Just make sure its full of
      > water. Once you figure
      > out the problem, drain it and replace with 50%
      > coolant and 50%
      > antifreeze, non phosphate kind only.
      > --- In bmwe28@..., "Samuel Cochran"
      > <scochran426@h...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > My 535is is over heating. When this happens all of
      > the coolant
      > spits out of
      > > the expansion tank and I'm left with a car thats
      > getting way too
      > hot. I have
      > > replaced the Thermostat cause I thought that was
      > the problem, but
      > upon
      > > replacing that, it did the same thing. I also
      > thought it could have
      > been
      > > that there was air in the system but even when I
      > think I have let
      > all of the
      > > air out of the bleeder valve, it still happens.
      > Could it be that I
      > am not
      > > getting all of the air out? Does anyone have
      > further suggestions as
      > to how I
      > > can fix this problem.
      > > Thanks for any help you can give...
      > > Sam

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