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4022Re: [bmw e28] Car acts up on starting and on expressway...

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  • Frances Camara
    Dec 5, 2005
      How are you?
      I had the similar problem with my bima (520i)85 model.
      It had a constent and erratic idiling problem from when i started the car and even when i drove the car,it was such a headache.
      When i drove the car it would get stuck at 1500 revs, i had to put full throttle to get the car off 1500 revs.
      I used up alot of petrol due to this problem.
      The way i fixed this problem was by changing the air flow meter to a brand new one.
      Ever since then my car has been perfect,no problems, just a smooth ride that's actually enjoyable now.
      It also made my car perform alot better with better fuel consumption.
      hope this helps you out.


      purplehead2002 <purplehead2002@...> wrote:

      Has anyone come across problems with the ignition phase in starting up the
      car? My car, not all times, but a lot of the times, seems to take 10-12 seconds
      before the car ignites after the starter is turning the engine.
      Also, I was on the expressway today and from point A to point B the car under
      2,000 r.p.m.s. would act up erradictly like either no sufficient fuel or maybe a
      sensor not doing its job.
      The car was working fine up until now.

      Any thoughts out there?


      Joel T. Gonzalez
      San Antonio, TX.
      528e (83)

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