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4023528e acting up on start ups and on the expressway...

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  • purplehead2002
    Dec 5, 2005
      Hi guys!,

      I just wanted to thank all of you for lending your insight on
      the matter. Here is some information for of you as it might help
      you later on. The fuel filter was not the problem along with the
      fine mesh filter in the tank as I verified them. I looked for vacume
      (?) leaks on the intake rubber bellow and none. Hmmhhhhh, I
      Well come to find out, I took off the distributor cap and found
      that the contact towers were very dirty and pitted. The rotor on
      its tip was dirty too. I ended up cleaning the contact towers with
      a fine file along with the rotor. I put it all back together and
      the car did not start, actually it was now worse!
      My logic leads me to think that the spacing between the tip of
      the rotor and the 6 contact towers is now making the spark having to
      jump greater now after not having and carbon matter which did help
      The car does not start now but I know for sure that I have to
      buy a cap and rotor as what is currently on is very jaded and most
      likely the root of the problems that I was having.

      Sincerely and Thank you all,

      Joel T. Gonzalez
      San Antonio, TX.
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