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4027Re: 528e acting up on start ups and on the expressway...

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  • graham_e28
    Dec 6, 2005
      --- In bmwe28@..., "purplehead2002"
      <purplehead2002@y...> wrote:
      > Hi guys!,
      > I just wanted to thank all of you for lending your insight on
      > the matter. Here is some information for of you as it might help
      > you later on. The fuel filter was not the problem along with the
      > fine mesh filter in the tank as I verified them. I looked for vacume
      > (?) leaks on the intake rubber bellow and none. Hmmhhhhh, I
      > thought???????
      > Well come to find out, I took off the distributor cap and found
      > that the contact towers were very dirty and pitted. The rotor on
      > its tip was dirty too. I ended up cleaning the contact towers with
      > a fine file along with the rotor. I put it all back together and
      > the car did not start, actually it was now worse!
      > My logic leads me to think that the spacing between the tip of
      > the rotor and the 6 contact towers is now making the spark having to
      > jump greater now after not having and carbon matter which did help
      > either.
      > The car does not start now but I know for sure that I have to
      > buy a cap and rotor as what is currently on is very jaded and most
      > likely the root of the problems that I was having.
      > Sincerely and Thank you all,
      > Joel T. Gonzalez
      > San Antonio, TX.

      Hi Joel,
      I have a 1985 520i in the UK that seems to be playing similar games to
      your 528, although I have always had a delay when starting and was
      told by the main agent this was supposed to happen to allow the oil to
      be circulated around the bearings before the engine fired.... never
      thought any more about it.
      Can't get over the power loss problem though.... mine sticks at 2500
      rpm but seems fine below that. Have changed the distributor cap
      (thought it might be cracked and the vibrations at 2500 rpm were
      throwing the timing out) but couldn't get a rotor arm at the time. I
      shall now replace that as well and see if it makes any difference.
      Like you I have checked for vacuum leaks and all seems ok, and fuel
      pumps appear to check out. If all else fails the airflow meter is next
      .... but they are pricey. The 1985 520i has the early J Tronic ECU and
      I understand the number of sensors is limited and it was suggested
      that a sensor had gone down and the ECU was using mean figures , but
      had also gone into 'LOS' or 'Limp-Home' mode which stops you harming
      the engine by over-revving. It's so confusing, there seems to be a
      number of causes that could give the same symptoms. The diagnostic on
      the ECU said everything was fine...... goes to show how much they know!
      Let you know how I get on

      Best regards
      Graham Holland
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