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4032Re: Car problems.

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  • calmloki
    Dec 7, 2005
      Another thought: a plugged catalytic converter will restrict higher
      rpms or ability under load. May be accompanied by a different
      exhaust note or whistle.

      Tom Walrod

      --- In bmwe28@..., "atmimp" <atmimp@y...> wrote:
      > Just read all these posts about some BMWs not revving as high as
      > should, nourmaly its down to the cap/rotor/leads, but this is not
      > always the case.
      > sometimes, if its got an auto gearbox that NEEDS its fluid
      > canging,it too can give similar problems, with what seems to
      be 'flat
      > spots' when accelerating.
      > Normally it'll feel slow and clunky changing up, holding onto
      > too long, or getting stuck in top gear.(Very scary I can tell
      > Its only a thought, people seem to forget that ATF fluid should be
      > changed at least every 3/4 years.(or any gearbox oil for that
      > Changed my fluid last weekend, and for the £9 it cost me (for 5
      > liters!) It has made a masive diference to the way the car drives.
      > I just wish i'd done it when i first got the car.
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