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4057Re: [bmw e28] Can't reset the service indicator

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  • Andrew W. Hill
    Dec 14, 2005
      >I own a 1985 uk spec e28 520i & am having trouble resetting the
      >indicator. Every time i reset it, it flicks back to inspection but
      >all the led's off. Also i think the speedos going fast as it says
      >done 12,500 miles in 9 months & that is far more that i travel. I
      >read somewhere that the speedo could be at fault running out of sync
      >its confusing the service indicator causing it 2 reset? i've tried
      >another service board n its doing exactly the same thing as i thought
      >it might have been the batteries. Could it be the speedo? any help
      >would be appreciated.

      I'm not an expert, but I think the unresettable service indicator is an indication of the batteries running low. I suspected my speedo was off as well based on my 0-60 times which seemed atrociously fast. Where I am there are some marked out sections (usually 3 miles) that you can use to test your speedo.


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