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4058Power problems with 1985 (C Reg) 520i

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  • graham_e28
    14 Dec 14:12
      Hi, I'm hoping some of you may have some suggestions. My 1985 (C reg)
      520i will no longer go above 2500 rpm in any gear or when revved
      stationary - above this it 'stutters' and all loses power. I have had
      a diagnostic done on the ECU but am told all is well. It has been
      suggested that one of the sensors has failed and the ECU has
      automatically entered mid range figures for its output and gone into
      'LOS' mode to prevent the engine from being damaged - however, I
      cannot find anything about this in any of the manuals available to me.
      The ECU is the early L-Jetronic and I'm also told that the number of
      sensors is limited and anyway, the diagnostics do not extend to the
      sensors as with later models.

      Any suggestions welcome from those more experienced with these
      wonderful but frustrating beats,I posted before on 23 Nov 05 (message
      4015) but no responses ( probably you're all as confused as I am )
      .... it's getting awfully embarrassing only being able to do 65mph on
      the motorway and having zilch acceleration. Even push-bikes beat me
      away from traffic lights!

      Thanks in advance
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