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4077Re: [bmw e28] SI lights

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  • sara von roy
    Dec 22, 2005
      Thank you I"m going for the batteries now then the lights. Thanks for your time.

      "Larry R." <dallas_larry@...> wrote: There is a way to jump two contacts for the Oil
      service, not sure which ones they are.

      But here is something else.

      The internal SI board, which is a real pain to remove,
      has original NiCD batteries installed. They only have
      a shelf life of about 6-7 years max.

      Once they lose the ability to recharge and hold the
      charge, some of the indicator lights will NOT go out

      It affects many things when those batteries fail.

      You also have the chance of the batteries failing
      completely and begin to seep battery acids into the
      rest of the board.

      The SI board is located inside the center of the
      entire cluster and is a REAL pain to get to. I had an
      instrument cluster with a busted odomoter that I
      decided to remove the board from and found it was just
      starting to leak.

      Due to the 250.00 charge for an updated 528e SI board
      cost, which includes a $70.00 core, you are best to
      learn to replace the batteries yourself.

      There are several sites that I found that showed step
      by step instructions for updating the batteries on an
      E30. I will be getting one of my friends to help me
      do mine, and I will look at some of the other
      instrument clusters I have to see if there are any
      other SI boards worth saving.

      If I find the two pins to short out to reset the
      light, I'll post it.

      Have fun.

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