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4081Re: [bmw e28] rust

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  • Chris Trevelyan
    Dec 27, 2005

      Rust repair is extremely expensive, and for a regular e28 528i or 535i, I would say paying for it is not worth it. If you want the car just for running about, go for it (as long as the rust is not so bad that there are holes in the floor! ie the structural integrity of the frame is compromised) BUT do not even think about fixing it. It would be much cheaper to find a rust free car and get it shipped to you.

      I had a e28 with holes in the rockers (jack points), one door, one fender, wheel wells etc...Even though the only 'bad rust' (ie right through) was in the rockers, the rest will continue to fester and will one day need repairs. Even though I really liked the car, I decided to sell it off, instead of sinking repair bills into a car that had already begun to return to nature.

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      From: d_learmont
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      Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 9:02 AM
      Subject: [bmw e28] rust

      Could one of you body experts tell me a bit about rust on e28's? I
      looking at one in the States that has significant salt damage. Even
      though it will only be a bad weather and daily driver, I don't want
      to get in over my head in repairs.

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