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4082Clunky strut.

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  • atmimp
    Dec 27, 2005
      Hi all, hope you're having a good holiday.

      Im hopeing someone might be abull to tell me why my '86 520i auto is
      clunking from the front end.
      My first thoght ws the rollbar drop links, so changed them this
      morning. Its still the same! I know it's not a balljoint or thrust arm
      bush, as ALL the arms, bushies, tirods,etc have been changed and are
      all in good order.(only 2 mounths old)
      Could i be right in thinking that there is a 'strut top bearing'
      of some kind on these cars, as it would seem like the hole strut is
      moving around. The problem is that the suspention 'tightens' up when
      you jack it up, so its hard to tell without a stripdown.

      Any advice would be great,
      regards, Tony
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