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4085Re: Clunky strut.

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  • mort_batchelder
    Dec 28, 2005
      I would almost bet it is the upper strut bearing. I had a clunking in
      my front-end for sometime and thought it was my wheel bearing because
      my tierods, thrust arms etc. were in good shape too. Then I upgraded
      my shocks and springs. When I pulled the strut assembly apart, the
      bearings were very obviously worn and had lots of play in them. I
      replaced them and the sound went away. Hope that helps.


      --- In bmwe28@..., "atmimp" <atmimp@y...> wrote:
      > Hi all, hope you're having a good holiday.
      > Im hopeing someone might be abull to tell me why my '86 520i auto is
      > clunking from the front end.
      > My first thoght ws the rollbar drop links, so changed them this
      > morning. Its still the same! I know it's not a balljoint or thrust arm
      > bush, as ALL the arms, bushies, tirods,etc have been changed and are
      > all in good order.(only 2 mounths old)
      > Could i be right in thinking that there is a 'strut top bearing'
      > of some kind on these cars, as it would seem like the hole strut is
      > moving around. The problem is that the suspention 'tightens' up when
      > you jack it up, so its hard to tell without a stripdown.
      > Any advice would be great,
      > regards, Tony
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