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4090How do you tell if your air flow sensor is bad?

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  • purplehead2002
    Dec 31, 2005
      Hi guys!,

      1983 B.M.W. 528e. I am back again after checking out a number of
      things on my vehicle like the following: fuel pump main & primer
      pump in tank, both reference sensors, fuel injectors, throttle
      sensor, fuel regulator, and oxy. sensor. Fortunately only some were
      changed while the others I was able to check out on my own.
      I had posted before as to what would make this car buckle or
      kick in after pressing in the accelerator once on the road. The
      vehicle idles but a little on the rough side as you can hear
      that "putt, putt, putt sound in the back that does not go away even
      with adjustment at the air sensor housing. When I drive the vehicle
      it is a little rough and right about 2,700 r.p.m.s. it kicks in and
      really purrs.
      Has anyone out there had this similar type of problem? Air
      flow sensor? How is it tested because I have 4 prongs but I have no
      values to check the sensor with a volt meter. Can anyone help me out
      with these values? How does an air flow unit actually start to fail?

      Thank you and Happy New Year!!!,

      Joel T. Gonzalez
      San Antonio, TX.

      (528e) 1983
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