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4104RE: [bmw e28] metric tyres

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    Jan 11, 2006
      On Wednesday 11 January 2006 4:15 PM, jimcurrie2004
      > Hi everybody, just wondering if someone can give me
      some advice?Again?
      > Dont know whether to get rid of my metric wheel as i
      am finding it
      > difficult to get tyres? should i get rid of them and
      just replace them
      > with normal ones?or does anyone have a contact No.
      for metrics?

      If you really want them, you can get metric TRX tires
      (tyres) for the original BMW TRX rims. But it is very
      likely that if you can find a local, good source for
      these tires that they will prove VERY expensive. TRX
      tires work well in dry conditions and they're not a
      bad performer in wet. In cold, they're awful; in cold
      and wet, almost undriveable.

      Many people discover they can get a superior quality
      and better-performing tire for "standard" rims sizes.
      Our cars can accept rims as small as 13", up to 17",
      and maybe even larger. You'd likely be able to buy 15"
      or 16" tires AND rims for less money than one set of

      So, think about making the jump or switch to standard
      rim sizes. It will give you a lot more choice in the
      future. Then put the old TEXs up on eBay and cross
      your fingers.

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