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4105Re: [bmw e28] metric tyres

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  • Craig Newman
    Jan 11, 2006
      Hi Jim,
      My wife found out this week that she is to be made redundant so after 2 years of allowing myself toys the E28 have got to go, in the re-sale market they have very little value so they'll get the metric put back on, so if you're interested I have 3 sets of imperial wheels.

      One set of 14 inch steel wheels with trims: tyres are OK (195 if I remember correctly) but will need replaceing in a few thousands miles.
      One set of 16 inch (1995 7 series) with 225/50's on: the wheels are in very good condition and the tyres have only covered about 1200 miles from new.
      One set of 17 inch with 215/45's on the rear and 205/50's on the front they have done less than a thousand miles.

      There were photos of the 16 and 17 inch wheels in the photos section but I can't get in to check if you can and the folder is still there they're in MrCleggs BM's.

      If you're interested in any of the wheels and you'd like some pics drop me a line and I'll see if I can find some/get my camera out.

      Alternatively if anyone wants a nice low mileage 528i Auto or a mid mileage 520i manual drop me a line.

      Well it's worth a try before I have to hit ebay!


      jimcurrie2004 <jimcurrie2004@...> wrote:

      Hi everybody, just wondering if someone can give me some advice?Again? Dont know whether to get rid of my metric wheel as i am finding it difficult to get tyres? should i get rid of them and just replace them with normal ones?or does anyone have a contact No. for metrics?
      Thanks again!!!!!

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