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  • Craig Newman
    13 Jan 23:32
      I sent the eBay seller the following:

      Why do you think it is acceptable to send emails to yahoo groups that have nothing to do with your business? Had you a listing for a second hand BMW E28 manual then sending an email to that group containing the eBay listing might have been OK, trying to drum up business by speculatively sending email to groups, is unacceptable.
      Who gave you the right to try and cold sell your wares outside of eBay? I complain to my home phone service provider to ensure cold calling does not infringe upon my private life and I will do likewise in the hopes that it will stop this kind of "spamming" from eBay.

      I will encourage other group members to do likewise and hopefully eBay will re-act to the complaint either by stopping your email rights or removing your account/access.

      It is high time people re-discovered basic levels of respect for others, if you think the "web" makes crass disrespect acceptable then you are mistaken.

      I will follow this up with eBay to complain about the sellers behaviour. Do likewise: this only happens and continue to happen because we do nothing about it.

      I can't remember the correct quote (does anyone know it?) but it is something along the lines of "evil thrives through the inaction of good people".


      >What's this got to do with e28's??????

      >> http://www.milemarkbrand.com

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