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4113Re: [bmw e28] Power problems with 1985 (C Reg) 520i

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  • goldsoul2003
    Jan 14, 2006
      I've got exactly the same problem as you. 1985 "c" reg 520i n i can't
      get over 70mph. Just suddenly happened whilst driving. Feels like i'm
      only running on 3 cylinders instead of 6 even tho it idles fine at
      running temperature.

      I've done a vacuum check on the inlet manifold & I have found that I
      have got very little vacuum working through the inlet manifold
      itself. So the cars working with normal fuel levels but with very
      little air. Therefore using a very rich mixture & flooding the
      engine. Sounds like I have a split air pipe somewhere around the
      throttle housing.

      I'll let you know what my fault was when its sorted.

      > >To: bmwe28@...
      > >Subject: [bmw e28] Power problems with 1985 (C Reg) 520i
      > >Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 22:12:38 -0000
      > >
      > >Hi, I'm hoping some of you may have some suggestions. My 1985 (C
      > >520i will no longer go above 2500 rpm in any gear or when revved
      > >stationary - above this it 'stutters' and all loses power. I have
      > >a diagnostic done on the ECU but am told all is well. It has been
      > >suggested that one of the sensors has failed and the ECU has
      > >automatically entered mid range figures for its output and gone
      > >'LOS' mode to prevent the engine from being damaged - however, I
      > >cannot find anything about this in any of the manuals available to
      > >The ECU is the early L-Jetronic and I'm also told that the number
      > >sensors is limited and anyway, the diagnostics do not extend to the
      > >sensors as with later models.
      > >
      > >Any suggestions welcome from those more experienced with these
      > >wonderful but frustrating beats,I posted before on 23 Nov 05
      > >4015) but no responses ( probably you're all as confused as I am )
      > >.... it's getting awfully embarrassing only being able to do 65mph
      > >the motorway and having zilch acceleration. Even push-bikes beat me
      > >away from traffic lights!
      > >
      > >Thanks in advance
      > >Graham
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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