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4116Which US model/year E28 to buy?

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  • Alex Viggio
    Jan 18, 2006
      I have a hard running Audi S4, but I want a classic BMW to drive around town and tinker with
      now that my dad is moving back to my town. I have great memories of an E30 325is from
      college days, but the E28 siren is calling to me today.

      There seem to be a decent selection of used E28s in my area. I'm leaning towards a 1986
      535i that seems to be stock and in good condition, but am also interested in a 1988 535i
      with some hot rod parts. I appreciate any input or links -- I'm looking for a copy of a BMW
      Buyers Guide, but haven't seen any at the local book stores.

      Any model years stand out as being good or bad? How about the 533 vs 535? Similar power,
      which engine is more bulletproof? What about manual vs 4-speed tranny?

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