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4118Re: BMW E28 to buy?

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  • Larry R.
    Jan 19, 2006
      First off. There really weren't any true 1988 E28
      models. If you look at any that are titled as a
      1988, you WILL find a build date of 1987. They just
      had roll over issues. The best part about a 1988
      model is that from an age perspective, resale etc and
      also true age on the road, the 88 has better value.

      The last year had most of the issues resolved with the
      car and many items that were going to be in the next
      model were screeping into the car. That is why you
      have to check the VIN for specific parts to replace.

      Here in Dallas, I know of a white 1987 535is that
      needs minor work that the owner would take 1500-1600
      cash for. Black Recaro power seats and I just sold
      him an exhaust for the car I got off a 535i in the
      local yard that is mint. Best part of a texas car is
      that it will be rust free and even under body work is
      much simpler to maintain if you find one here.

      Good luck.

      > Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 06:42:23 -0000
      > From: "Alex Viggio" <aviggio@...>
      > Subject: Which US model/year E28 to buy?
      > I have a hard running Audi S4, but I want a classic
      > BMW to drive around town and tinker with
      > now that my dad is moving back to my town. I have
      > great memories of an E30 325is from
      > college days, but the E28 siren is calling to me
      > today.
      > There seem to be a decent selection of used E28s in
      > my area. I'm leaning towards a 1986
      > 535i that seems to be stock and in good condition,
      > but am also interested in a 1988 535i
      > with some hot rod parts. I appreciate any input or
      > links -- I'm looking for a copy of a BMW
      > Buyers Guide, but haven't seen any at the local book
      > stores.
      > Any model years stand out as being good or bad? How
      > about the 533 vs 535? Similar power,
      > which engine is more bulletproof? What about manual
      > vs 4-speed tranny?
      > Thanks!

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