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4123RE: [bmw e28] Instrument panel illumination

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    23 Jan 10:05
      On Monday 23 January 2006 12:30 PM, Alan Myler - at
      home wrote:
      > The instrument panel illumination on my e28 is very

      It's not just the brightness or dimmer control is it?

      My dimmer "wheel", beside the headlight switch, is an
      old, classic rheostat. They are susceptible to
      oxidation. So, periodically, I roll the wheel from top
      to bottom and quickly at the ends to scrape clean the
      contacts. It always improves the progressiveness and
      ultimate brightness.

      Personally, I like to dim down controls very low for
      night driving. But I know what you mean. In "medium"
      light, like at dusk, I'd like that they do a bit