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4134no spark

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  • littlelorenzo7
    Jan 31, 2006
      hello, my name is randy a 1985 528e owner, the problem i have with the
      car is at first the car just turned over and would not start.after
      talking to the dealer i tried for spark and it was then they suggested
      fuel pump,so i replaced the external pump and filter without results
      then the pump and transferpump intank,fuel pressure regulator,the part
      for cold start, and spark plugs,tried to start still would not start
      finally ireplaced the sensor over the crank case varoom it started i
      drove out of town about 200 miles and the car started the same thing
      over again, turn over and will not start. this time no spark.....
      tested the fuses now it losing power from the fuse box to the coil
      could some one please give me a helpful hand my pockets is getting
      very empty ......

      please reply ASAP

      randy w
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