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4145Re: [bmw e28] unable to keep headlights on low beam 528e

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  • Agent Midnight
    Feb 4, 2006
      Yes! (GRIN, like its a good thing)
      I had that problem a couple of years ago and it happen for a long time
      before that on my 1986 528e but I kept puting off fixing it and I forced teh
      direction switch one way or the other to make it work. Over time that
      caused it to snap off all together and I just had to replace the

      Its most likly just the "turn signal" switch that controls the high beam.
      Over many years it gets warn from doing the same thing over and over.
      Replace it with a *good* used one. A good one will be a bit stiff and make
      a nice clicking sound when worked. That means the parts are working
      properly. The new ones are much more costly and do the same thing as a good
      used one. check out " http://www.theeurodepot.com ". Since the item is
      small it will fit in a small box for less pricy shiping.

      The installation is simple. One part you do need is a new locking nut for
      the steering wheel that has to be taken off to install the lever
      properly.( The bolt may take a LOT of controled force to remove with the
      proper sockets).

      Good luck,

      P.s. I was geting afraid when I had the problem that the car would start
      "high-beaming" a police officer on the expressway. " I swear officer it was
      the car, not me..."(GRIN).

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      Subject: [bmw e28] unable to keep headlights on low beam 528e

      > Anyone in this group have experience with this problem?
      > 1988 bmw 528e i have to hold the hi/low beam lever to maintain low beam
      > if driving at night. If i release holding the lever, the lights go and
      > stay at high beam.Ocasionally,it with function normal for a short time.
      > I changed out a relay in the light circuit, but to no avail.Not sure
      > the lever in steering column is the culprit.Turn signals work correct.
      > Thanks to anyone with assistance with this ppproblem.
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