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4152Re: [bmw e28] M30 tuning advice

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  • Arny K.
    Feb 7, 2006
      Gunnar Reynisson wrote:

      > I have a early M30B35 and a late M30B35 engines
      > I know a 2.8 has a 272deg cam, so I guess thats cheap and good, but
      > does it work on both engines?

      If you mean the M30B28 engine for camshaft, I don't think it's possible.
      Since 3.5 (late at least) was always Motronic and 2.8 was always
      L(E)-Jetronic, their camshafts cannot be interchanged beacuse of
      different styles of distributors. However, if you mean the M20B27 2.7
      engine (but that's M20 engine, eh...), or your early 3.5 by some chance
      uses L-Jetronic (can't remember if 3.5 ever used L-Jet), then it could
      be possible.

      Hope this helps,
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