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4154Re: [bmw e28] M30 tuning advice

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  • Gunnar Reynisson
    Feb 7, 2006
      --- In bmwe28@..., "Arny K." <arny@p...> wrote:
      > Gunnar Reynisson wrote:
      > > I have a early M30B35 and a late M30B35 engines
      > >
      > > I know a 2.8 has a 272deg cam, so I guess thats cheap and good, but
      > > does it work on both engines?
      > If you mean the M30B28 engine for camshaft, I don't think it's possible.
      > Since 3.5 (late at least) was always Motronic and 2.8 was always
      > L(E)-Jetronic, their camshafts cannot be interchanged beacuse of
      > different styles of distributors. However, if you mean the M20B27 2.7
      > engine (but that's M20 engine, eh...), or your early 3.5 by some chance
      > uses L-Jetronic (can't remember if 3.5 ever used L-Jet), then it could
      > be possible.
      > Hope this helps,
      > Arny

      I was under the impression that 2.8´s had Motronic 1.0 like the
      earlier (e23 and E24) M30´s,

      But I don´t care, I need a Motronic 1.3 harness and some parts to
      convert the engine to M1.3 and run a M10 trans,
      stronger clutch and pressure plate is needed.

      This is destined into my E30.

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