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4166Re: any ideas of the price for a 528i manual 1982 in Australia?

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  • Ross Bernie
    Feb 12, 2006

      I'm a new member in Sydney, Australia. Just in the process of
      reading past posts in the hope they may answer some of my questions.

      My experience may help answer Rob's question.

      I have just bought my first BMW 6 weeks ago - a 1984 E28 528i
      automatic 220,000km in fair to good but not perfect condition. The
      dealer was wanting a quick sale so I got it for the trade-in value
      he gave the previous owner - A$1,000. It had 2 weeks registration
      remaining, the driver's electric window didn't work, there's a non-
      continuous diagonal dent across both passenger doors, a small dent
      at the front end of the front left panel, a couple very small rust
      patches, mainly around the BMW badge on the boot lid, and the front
      seats are showing signs of heavy wear - mostly minor defects that
      don't affect the drivability of the vehicle. It drives like a dream,
      and I'm loving it.

      I spent about $450 on urgent repairs for registration renewal - $90
      to fix the electric window, and the rest was mostly labour costs
      trying to work out what was wrong with the brakes - the brake lining
      warning light remains on but everything checks out OK.

      So, Rob, to answer your question, based on my experience, you may be
      lucky to A$1,000 to A$2,000 on trade-in, suject to condition. My
      dealer had been asking A$2,990, then dropped to A$1,990 but had no
      enquiries. I saw it advertised when he'd dropped it to $1,000. The
      dealer specialises in second-hand BMW's, so presumably would know
      the true value of the vehicle.

      How much you decide to spend on the car depends on how long you want
      to keep it working in top condition. Whether the vehicle will
      appreciate in value remains to be seen.



      --- In bmwe28@..., "Robert Allan"
      <robertmichael.allan@g...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I've been searching and searching and i seem to run into alot of
      > contradictory information about the market price for a e28 528i in
      > Australia at the moment. some places say 4-7000 and others 2-3500
      > now i know i bought mine for 2500 on the road..... but that was
      > cheap and i am considering putting a couple of grand into it
      > shocks tyres etc.). its a nice car with leather interior and is
      > in VGC, but i don't want to put alot of money into it if it makes
      > different to the eventual price i will sell it for.
      > Thanks,
      > Rob
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