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4206Re: Steering 50+ Shimmy/vibration

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  • John
    Mar 4, 2006
      --- In bmwe28@..., "rabalagot" <rabalagot@y...> wrote:
      > Hi guys, I just wanted to know if anyone had a remedy for the 50+mph
      > shimmy. my steering seems to be vibrating. I lowered my car I have
      > 17 inch rims, I just got a wheel balancing, rotation and alignment,
      > but i still seem to have the shakes. Are their any suggestions of how
      > I can resolve this problem? Please let me know if you come across
      > Thanks
      Hi Rab, I presume you have brand new rims and tyres. If you are
      completely satisfied the wheel bal and alignment was done properly to
      Factory specification (which is not all ways the case)You may need to
      check ball joints on the steering group and any others that control the
      wheel (control arm, thrust arm)these all have ball joints, a good
      mechanic can check for wear. GOOD luck John from Oz.
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