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4246RE: [bmw e28] What are we driving ?

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  • Blake Nancarrow
    Mar 12, 2006
      On Sunday 12 March 2006 10:45 AM, john holst wrote:
      > I'll get the
      > ball rolling my beemer
      > is a 1982 528i 5 speed manual I bought in 1997
      for $4900 australian, it was
      > white then. Since then, it has been repainted a
      metalic dark green and
      > the engine has been over hauled and with the new
      set of alloy 16" rims and
      > tyres
      > it has come a long way and a joy to drive.


      Everyone should quote their mileage too...

      I have a (mostly) sapphire blue 1984 528e with 561
      000+ kms on the original motor.

      It has Bilstein shocks, a new LF strut (thanks to Dave
      Ruiz), upgraded sway bars, a K&N air filter,
      limited-slip, steel brake lines, new timing belt,
      new(er) 5-speed gearbox, cool starter button just like
      a Honda S2000! The former owner is at an advanced
      driving school at Road Atlanta and he's bringing me
      back a new LF fender.

      I bought it from a friend in the BMW Club of Canada
      Trillium chapter for CDN$1000 in February 2001. He
      threw in used-up R-compound tires on coke-bottle rims
      and old winter tires on basketweaves and a bunch of
      spare parts.

      I tracked the car (i.e. used it at driving schools)
      for a couple of years! What a hoot. However, my 88
      M3 (the summer car) is running again so the 528e is
      relegated to winter use.

      For CDN$400 I bought a brown 528e a couple of years
      ago for parts. I've already taken from it the front
      seats, drive shaft, alternator, heater blower fan,
      heater slider control buttons, windshield wiper motor
      and armatures, windshield washer jet heaters,
      high-visibility rear taillight, cruise control
      computer, and every light bulb, etc.

      I've got brand new tie rod ends and new thrust arms
      but I haven't installed them yet.