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4247Re: [bmw e28] What are we driving ?

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  • Guy DiCesare
    Mar 12, 2006
      Hi evryone. My car is an '88 535is. It has 210K on it
      and has had a ridiculous amount of work done on it. I
      travel for a living and thus carry no tools. Thus, I
      have mechanics work on this daily driver, which gets
      VERY expensive. Car has new LS differential and mount,
      driveshaft, clutch, starter, cat-back exhaust, ICV,
      radiator, H2O pump, fuel transfer pump, instrument
      cluster (used), Bilsteins all the way around, control
      arms, center link, tie rod ends, heater control valve,
      stereo/CD, antenna, shock mounts, A/C charge, subframe
      mounts, 16" BBS rims, yokohama tires, brake "bomb',
      rotors and pads, some fuel lines, plugs, rptor, cap
      and wires, valve adjust+gasket, engine mount, LF wheel
      bearing, all hoses and belts, E-brake shoes,
      thermostat, temp sender, and 2 dozen other things I
      can't recall at the moment. It's never failed me, but
      it's made me very, very poor. Now it needs paint
      (another 6K according to the body shops I've talked
      Your comments and emotional support are welcome:)-I
      pretty much live to feed this car. Cheers. Guy D
      (South Lake tahoe, CA USA)

      --- john holst <grafton_56@...> wrote:

      > Hi People, I've been with this group a about week
      > and would it be interesting that members tell us
      > about what they drive ,how long you have had the car
      > etc. etc. what ever you would like to mention. I'll
      > get the ball rolling my beemer
      > is a 1982 528i 5 speed manual I bought in 1997
      > for $4900 australian, it was
      > white then. Since then, it has been repainted a
      > metalic dark green and the engine has been over
      > hauled and with the new set of alloy 16" rims and
      > tyres
      > it has come a long way and a joy to drive.
      > regards from JOHN
      > ---------------------------------
      > On Yahoo!7
      > 'Lost': A chance to win a Rav 4 and an exotic
      > holiday for 20! Yes, 20!
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